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For a custom precision machining and molding company, there’s no telling what type of project will come through the door. It’s part of what keeps this business exciting and refreshing. Most jobs, however, fit or share requirements with one of several unique manufacturing industries. Click here below to learn about Star Machining’s experience on precision machining and molding in your industries.

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Automotive Industry:

We understand Auto manufacturers’ intense pressure to manufacture parts at the lowest possible cost while still having the ability to adapt their production. Working with automotive supplier around the world, Star Machining Technology produces parts and molds that require multiple manufacturing processes, from tool and die making to die casting and precision machining. Our highly effective machines, quality program, automation solution and value added engineering, continuous process improvement and numerous manufacturing processes help us meet these low-cost initiatives while providing the highest quality tool and die products, metal parts and assemblies.

Star Machining Technology has served automotive suppliers for many years. We offer innovative prototyping and reverse engineering services, and we produce precision parts and complex assemblies for automotive components such as engines, shock absorbers, transmissions, and chassis.

Aerospace Industry:

The aerospace industry is fast paced, ever evolving, and is on the leading edge of technological advancements. We’re committed to helping the aerospace industry stay competitive in today’s global market. We develop systematic solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as their key suppliers and prime integrators. Whether your company is just getting started or trying to stay ahead, Star Machining Technology can help you succeed in today’s aerospace industry.

Aerospace manufacturers have been counting on quality products from Star Machining Technology for years and have established expectations of industry expertise, innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

Teamwork has been a large part of our success and we have developed a substantial network of Star Machining Technology certified suppliers. By collaborating with other certified suppliers we can meet all of your machining and molding needs.

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Defense Industry:

Star Machining Technology is a trusted source for defense manufacturing; we have handled enormous defense operations. If you have any questions about our manufacturing capabilities and facilities, please do not hesitate to ask.

Star Machining Technology manufactures a wide variety of parts for defense programs using all of its capabilities of Engineering, Fabrication, Machining, Molding and Assembly. These parts require the highest levels of project management and quality certifications. A perfect fit, as Star Machining Technology turns most quotes within 72 hours, and maintains ISO 9001 quality standards.

We are an industry leader in the product development and manufacturing of composite parts for defense applications including electronic enclosures, cooling components, helicopter wiper blades, wing assemblies, sensor housings, fuel tanks and internal support structures.

Medical Industry:

Star Machining Technology specializes in complete medical machining and component manufacturing and offers a wide range of services including design for manufacture-ability, prototyping, engineering support, precision component manufacturing, finished device assembly, and supply chain management to bring maximum value to our partners. Star Machining Technology has the range of capabilities to bring your product from concept to full production assembly. We offer the proven ability to meet the high precision and performance properties of today’s advanced medical products.

These composite parts include radiolucent accessories, orthopedic surgery parts, external fixation products etc.

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Telecommunication Industry:

Star Machining Technology for the telecommunication industries is one of our specialties. We have a 35,000 sq. meters manufacturing facility with dedicated shearing, press forming, and metal conditioning departments to provide complete solutions.

Our highly trained workers can take your ideas and turn them into product for your applications. Using state of the art equipment, Star Machining Technology is a leader in sheet metal fabrication for the telecommunication industries.

We bring forth a wide range of Telecommunication Parts that are known for their optimal quality and efficient performance. We manufacture these High-Precision Telecommunication Parts from excellent Aluminum and Steel using the latest technology. These parts can be surface treated with Silver Plating with MIL STD QQ-S-365, Surtac-650, Gold Plating and Anodizing -ROHS as per customer requirement.

Energy Industry:

The energy industry is an ever expanding market with all of the various energy resources that are being utilized today. From electrical power to solar power to wind energy – as these resources develop, so does the need for automation. Our experience and highly tuned systems enable us to respond well to frequent design changes, tight time-to-market requirements, and salable production capability for even the most intricate high-precision machine parts and assemblies.

Star Machining Technology is uniquely positioned to meet the manufacturing needs of our clients in the energy industry with high-performance automated solutions. From product handling to assembly and test, Star Machining Technology has the experience and comprehensive understanding you are looking for in an automation equipment supplier.

Whether you require simple to complex automation, a vision system, or new software to monitor your plant floor, we have the expertise and resources in-house to provide the right solution at the best value. Our engineers always keep your ROI in mind.

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We are not limited to these areas, however. If you have an application for precision machined or metal molding products, please contact us for a formal quotation.